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We proudly share the article from TheworldlovesMlebourne "Mr RYU is located in a busy strip of Carlisle Street in Balaclava, a well known foodie precinct. We feel Mr RYU stands out with a touch of class and one of the best value for money options in Melbourne. The exceptional Teishoku set meal for lunch featured high quality ingredients at excellent prices from a top notch trained chef Seung, who has worked in notable restaurants. Featuring super fresh quality Salmon sashimi, tender Chicken katsu, Miso soup, Pickled daikon, Rice, Onsen egg cooked 65 degrees and a sexy Green tea panna cotta. Set meal changes daily " Mr Ryu prescribes an ethos of drawing people together through food and cultural connection, which comes through the menu's emphasis on sharing plates and small dishes that encourage diners to try a variety of options. The restaurant also boasts a wide selection of Japanese whisky, sake and Japanese and local Victorian craft beer. For those planning to do it dry, there is a good selection of coffee, non-coffee lattes and juices. Mr Ryu is the brainchild of owner and head chef Seung Yeop Ryu. Under the guidance of Seung, the kitchen is in safe hands. During the 10 years Seung has lived in Melbourne, his resume has included stints at No.35 in Sofitel as well as being the head chef at Kumo Izakaya. To start we loved the prawn nori taco. Plump and juicy prawns sat atop a crispy nori cracker and was topped with tobiko, micro greens and luxurious spicy thousand island. The gyoza was similarly delicious. A cheeky take on the traditional, this one was crispy and encased with a wagyu cheeseburger mix and served with an addictive caramelized onion ponzu. We loved the freshness of the dishes we tried – none spoke to this more than the fresh oysters served with salmon roe and herring caviar. To follow, the seared salmon with spicy salmon roe, karashi miso, rice bubbles looked as pretty as a picture and was a delight to indulge in. Our favourite dish of the evening graced our presence next – the Eggplant dengaku. It was a well-conceived dish that took full advantage of the eggplant’s most notable characteristic – its supple flesh. The thick pieces of eggplant were adorned with caramelized den miso, sesame and pine nut crumb. The creamy eggplant flesh melted in the mouth in a manner similar to unctuous pork fat. This gem of a vegetarian dish was one that commanded respect. For the unseasonably cold Melbourne weather, Mr Ryu’s ramen is the best cure. The vegetarian ramen is light yet flavoursome with umami laden mushroom shoyu broth, soft boiled egg, bamboo shoots, white fungi mushroom and nori. If you want more of a flavour explosion, then the spicy tan tan ramen is the way to go and features a rich, creamy and nutty broth, sesame chilli flavour and accompanied by customary soft boiled egg, mustard leaf, anger hair and nori. A fresh and exciting venue with a vibrant yet homely feel, Mr Ryu is a wonderful addition to Balaklava’s bustling food scene and is the perfect place to meet with friends, colleagues and loved-ones to enjoy a delicious meal together.
THECITYLANE | MR.RYU Mr. Ryu is a Japanese restaurant on Carlisle Street in Balaclava from owner/head chef Seung Yeop Ryu. Seung has lived in Melbourne for 10 years, working in a number of top restaurants.The food at Mr. Ryu is a mixture of traditional Japanese dishes, and creative options which, while Japanese at heart, exhibits subtle flourishes that nod towards Seung’s modern European and Australian training. The version Pork Katsu Sando at Mr. Ryu comes with a thick, juicy crumbed and fried 200g pork loin fillet with wholegrain mustard, kewpie, and tonkatsu sauce. The quality of the pork is undeniably good and we love the fact that the fattier, but juicer loin (rosu) is used rather than fillet (hire). All of the flavours combine between two slices of white Japanese bread perfectly. A particular highlight is the prawn nori taco served with micro greens, tobiko, and spicy thousand island dressing. Also worth trying is the spicy tuna taco with smoked herring roe and micro greens. Both “tacos” are wonderfully delicate, texturally balanced, and full of flavour. For a vegetable delight, try the eggplant dengaku. It’s lightly fried, tempura style with a sweet den miso glaze, and sesame and pine nut crumb. The crunch of the coating gives way to a soft, tender vegetable flesh and again showcases Seung’s mastery of balancing delicate flavours and disparate textures. And of course there’s karaage. The version here is marinated in buttermilk which makes it extremely tender. The coating is light and crispy and the yuzu aoili spot on. If it’s a bowl of ramen you’re after we highly recommend the spicy tan tan men. We loved enoying tan tan men at Usagi in Tokyo, but have struggled to find anyone who serves it in Melbourne. The version at Mr. Ryu contains a creamy, nutty broth filled with sesame chilli, a half soft boiled egg, bamboo shoots, nori, and white fungi. For your protein addition the wagyu beef mince compliments it perfectly. Just be sure to add in some of the chilli powered that comes with the ramen as it’s quite mild without it.